Published works

A list of my work published in other outlets (these include interviews, scholarly articles, and pieces in other publications), going from latest to earliest: 


  • Contributed to “The Terror Trap: The Impact of the War on Terror on Muslim Communities Since 9/11” (2021) by Coalition for Civil Freedoms. Read in this Google Drive link (.pdf here: THE TERROR TRAP – FINAL)
  • “I’m Fighting for Ethnic Studies in My Community So My History Won’t Be Erased”, Truthout, September 19, 2021. Read here.
  • “How the Bay Area can do better for Black musicians”, The Bay Bridged, February 18, 2021. Read here.


  • “Trump Has Pushed Ahead With Drone Strikes, Putting US Citizens in the Crosshairs”, Truthout, December 5, 2020. Read here.
  • “A New Wave of Pan-Africanism Seeks to Combat Global Anti-Black Racism”, Truthout, July 19, 2020. Read here.
  • “A pandemic is the perfect time to listen to Daxma”, The Bay Bridged, May 8, 2020. Read here.


  • “The 2020 Candidates are Ignoring Guantánamo”, Truthout, July 30, 2019. Read here.
  • “Meet Your Local Metal Band: Water Into Blood”, The Bay Bridged, March 26, 2019. Read here.
  • “FBI-CIA Collaboration Reveals Blatant Illegitimacy of Guantánamo Trials”, Truthout, January 6, 2019. Read here.


  • “Black Americans’ Median Wealth Could Disappear in One Generation”, Truthout, July 12, 2018. Read here.
  • “One Year in, Trump’s Guantánamo Policy Is an Echo of Bush — and Obama”, Truthout, January 27, 2018. Read here.


  • “Federal Housing Assistance Mostly Helps the Wealthy — and GOP Tax Reform Would Make It Worse”, Truthout, November 8, 2017. Read here
  • “Trump Exploits New York Attacks to Promote Guantánamo and Perpetual War”, Truthout, November 2, 2017. Read here.
  • “California Has a System That Punishes the Poor Through Traffic Violations — Civil Rights Groups Are Starting to Change That”, AlterNet, September 14, 2017. Read here.
  • “Skyrocketing Rents in California Signal a Broader US Housing Crisis”, Truthout, July 26, 2017. Read here.
  • “Why Water Privatization Is a Bad Idea for People and the Planet”, AlterNet, April 18, 2017. Read here.
  • “Tortured and Wrongly Held at Guantánamo for 14 Years, Abdul Zahir Now Has Freedom, but No Justice”, Truthout, March 11, 2017. Read here.


  • “Urban Gentrification Is Rippling Out Into the Suburbs: A Dispatch From California”, Truthout, December 27, 2016. Read here.
  • “Trump is White Supremacy in Overdrive”, Tanqeed, December 12, 2016. Read here.
  • “California Targets, Indebts Poor People of Color for Big Profit”, teleSUR English, July 17, 2016. Read here.
  • “Guantánamo and the 2016 Election”, Truthout, July 15, 2016. Read here.
  • “Win or Lose, Bernie Reflects the Mood of the Progressive Left”, teleSUR English, June 5, 2016. Read here.
  • “Ending Police Brutality Requires More Than Personnel Change”, teleSUR English, May 26, 2016. Read here.
  • Will Guantánamo Ever Close? Fourteen Years After Prison’s Opening, Indefinite Detention Persists“, Truthout, February 26, 2016. Read here.
  • “In Pivot to Asia, US Military Reinforces Its Foothold in the Pacific”, Truthout, February 6, 2016. Read here.


  • “Big Water vs. the National Parks: The Fight Against Bottled Water Goes Federal”, Truthout, December 28, 2015. Read here.
  • “With Soaring Rents and a Vanishing Middle Class, San Francisco Becomes a City for the Rich”, Truthout, December 15, 2015. Read here.
  • “Trading Black Sites for NATO Membership: Eastern Europe’s Role in the US Torture Program”, Truthout, December 1, 2015. Read here.
  • “Restaurant Sales Now Surpass Grocery Sales – but Restaurant Workers Are Paid Peanuts”, Truthout, November 7, 2015. Read here.
  • “Court Appeal Highlights Poland’s Role in CIA Torture Program”, Truthout, October 16, 2015. Read here.
  • “People’s Tribunal Decries US War Machine in the Philippines”, Truthout, September 19, 2015. Read here.
  • “What Are the US’s Real Plans for Guantanamo?”, Truthout, August 29, 2015. Read here.
  • “Tenants in San Francisco Fight Back Against Nuisance Evictions”, Truthout, August 11, 2015. Read here.
  • “Thanks to Reliance on ‘Signature’ Drone Strikes, US Doesn’t Know Who Its Killing”, Truthout, August 4, 2015. Read here.
  • “Early-Stage Gentrification: Richmond, California, Residents Push Back”, Truthout, July 17, 2015. Read here.
  • “The Secrecy of Torture: What Happens When Survivors’ Memories Are ‘Declassified’?”, Truthout, July 7, 2015. Read here.
  • “Torture Is Already Illegal, So Why ‘Ban’ It?”, Truthout, June 24, 2015. Read here.
  • “California’s Prop. 47 Reduces Prison Sentences but Won’t End Mass Incarceration”, Truthout, June 18, 2015. Read here.
  • “Families of Police Violence Victims Face Trauma Without Support”, Truthout, June 7, 2015. Read here.
  • “Beyond the Drone Debate: Should US Military and CIA Be Judge, Jury and Executioner?”, Truthout, June 2, 2015. Read here.
  • “The Real ‘Looting’: From Slavery to Policing and Beyond”, Truthout, May 20, 2015. Read here.
  • “How Punitive and Racist Policing Enforces Gentrification in San Francisco”, Truthout, April 24, 2015. Read here.
  • “San Francisco Music Venue Struggles to Stay Open as Rents Rise”, Truthout, April 18, 2015. Read here.
  • “US Wages ‘War on Terror’ in the Philippines”, Truthout, April 9, 2015. Read here.
  • “Beyond Homan Square: US History Is Steeped in Torture”, Truthout, March 26, 2015. Read here.
  • “As Gentrification Persists in San Francisco, Evictions Take New Forms”, Truthout, March 19, 2015. Read here.
  • “Despite Uptick in Prisoner Release, Injustices Persist at Guantanamo”, Truthout, March 11, 2015. Read here.
  • “How Subjected Bodies are Connecting the Struggle Against Collaborating States”, Al-Akhbar English, January 24, 2015. Read here and here.
  • “The Distorted Exaggeration of Black-on-Black Crime Ignores Much of America’s Criminality”, AlterNet, January 12, 2015. Read here.


  • “Using its Wealth, Google Has Become a DC Lobbying Juggernaut—And They Still Know Everything About Us”, AlterNet, November 28, 2014. Read here.
  • “Bay Area Protesters Block Israeli Ship at Port of Oakland”, Post News Group, November 1, 2014. Read here.
  • “Protesters Call for Justice for Transgender Filipina Allegedly Killed by Marine”, Post News Group, October 20, 2014. Read here.
  • “US’ anti-ISIS campaign: Emulating the ‘success’ in Somalia and Yemen?”, Al-Akhbar English, September 25, 2014. Read here.
  • “Perpetual war, indefinite detention, and torture: The U.S. and Israel’s shared values”, Al-Akhbar English, August 30, 2014. Read here.
  • “How Google and the Big Tech Companies Are Helping Maintain America’s Empire”, AlterNet, August 19, 2014. Read here.
  • “‘Bush’s Fourth Term Continues’: Guantanamo, Torture, Secret Renditions; Indefinite Detention”, Truthout, May 30, 2014. Read here.
  • “Redefining Democracy in California: An Interview With Luis Rodriguez”, Truthout, May 28, 2014. Read here.
  • “The Bleaching of San Francisco: Extreme Gentrification and Suburbanized Poverty in the Bay”, Truthout, April 27, 2014. Read here.
  • “UN Human Rights Committee Finds US in Violation on 25 Counts”, Truthout, April 4, 2014. Read here.
  • “Any National ‘Conversation About Race’ Must Include Black Radical Tradition”, Truthout, February 16, 2014. Read here.
  • “Gitmo Twelve Years Later”, Truthout, January 17, 2014. Read here.
  • “Welcome to Gitmo”, The Louisville Lip, Volume 1, Issue 2 (January 6, 2014). Read here.


  • “Does Oakland Really Need a High-Tech ‘Domain Awareness Center’? Evidence Suggests Surveillance Doesn’t Do Much to Affect Crime Rates”, AlterNet, December 11, 2013. Read here.
  • “Military Commissions Stuck on Torture”, Truthout, November 29, 2013. Read here.
  • “Proactive Heckling: Ray Kelly Shouted Down at Brown University”, Truthout, November 13, 2013. Read here.
  • “Amid Lingering Hunger Strike, Guantanamo Abuses Press On”, Truthout, November 9, 2013. Read here.
  • “Guantanamo’s Harsh Realities Hidden Behind Wall of Secrecy”, Truthout, September 5, 2013. Read here.
  • “The Continued US War on the Darker Skinned”, Truthout, August 6, 2013. Read here.
  • “Guantanamo and Permanent War: The View From Camp X-Ray”, Truthout, July 3, 2013. Read here.
  • “Military Commission Pre-Trial Hearings for Alleged 9/11 ‘Plotters’ Focus on Gitmo Conditions”, Truthout, June 28, 2013. Read here.
  • “Pretrial Hearings of 5 Suspects in 9/11 Face Challenge of Torture-Obtained Evidence”, Truthout, June 21, 2013. Read here.
  • “Contention and Confusion in Guantanamo Pre-Trial Hearings for Al-Nashiri Military Commissions”, Truthout, June 18, 2013. Read here.
  • “US Cold War Ally in the Docks at Guantanamo for USS Cole Bombing”, Truthout, June 17, 2013. Read here.
  • “The Imperialist and Racist Origins of the Guantánamo Penal Colony”, Truthout, June 12, 2013. Read here.
  • “The Astonishing Collapse of Black and Latino Household Wealth”, AlterNet, May 31, 2013. Read here.
  • “1 Black Man Is Killed Every 28 Hours by Police or Vigilantes: How America Is Perpetually at War With Its Own People”, AlterNet, May 28, 2013. Read here.
  • “Liberals’: Partisan or Principled?”, Truthout, April 4, 2013. Read here.
  • “Stanford Students Urge University to Not Invest in Companies That Violate Palestinian Human Rights”, PolicyMic, March 5, 2013. Read here.
  • “Cornell NYC Tech’s Alarming Ties to the Israeli Occupation”, The Nation, March 1, 2013. Read here.


  • Short blurb about “Dronestagram” in “Hot List: Myspace, Seinfeld and Drones. What Year Is It Again?”, Turnstyle News, December 12, 2012. Read here.
  • Blurb promoting anime series “Darker Than Black” in “Hot List: Marvel’s Mobile Card Battle Game, Racism Diagnosis via Podcast, Assassin Anime”, Turnstyle News, October 24, 2012. Read here.
  • “Life and death under drones”, The Nation, October 22, 2012, pg. 5
  • “Q&A: my interview with ‘Oaktowne’ producer, creator, and writer Lela Nicole”, published in on March 20, 2012. Read it here.

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